Thursday, November 12, 2009

haiku (archived 2009-11-12)


through the dead of night ~ the remote conversations ~ of neighborhood dogs

in a thousand words ~ ghost-written on blank paper ~ essay on "silence"

basking in the moon ~ my second chance for sunlight ~ having slept all day

vietnam vet sits ~ by his box, wipes the spit off ~ like when he came home

forgets her name twice ~ blowing his second chance at ~ a first impression

small boy at the beach ~ in his hand, a million years ~ of ocean pebbles

my private raindance ~ sorrows dropping from the sky ~ into the desert

wrapped around themselves ~ in the dark back row, they miss ~ the second feature

he closes his eyes ~ and air tickles his palm as ~ the hummingbird lands

• still dressed as skeletons ~ long after Halloween ends ~ the trees without leaves

cat back from the sun ~ slinks back through the prison bars ~ to warm his cold hands

before he wakes up ~ the stars replace the lost dreams ~ the night has stolen

dropping from a cross ~ a spider leaves his sanctum ~ starts walking on air


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  1. I love reading your haiku and the home it has here on this beautiful blog! Please continue posting your haiku here. This is such a tranquil and soulful place. (Yes I've been to the new WP blog :)