Monday, October 12, 2009

haiku (archived 2009-10-12)


I search for myself ~ with lights from a billion stars ~ and a pitch-black mind

a giant pearl shines ~ while colored stars rest on sand ~ an ocean of sky

• the words locked inside ~ patient, waiting for release ~ in perfect haiku

my clouded mind cools ~ the ice thaws and I release, ~ falling as fresh rain

coming from his rounds, ~ spectres gone, he warms his feet ~ with fur soaked in sun

raven sees my tears ~ "do not worry, life's a joke" ~ flies away laughing

psychedelic pond ~ orange frogs splashing! ~ Bashō ate mushrooms #BashingBashōhaiku

a blind woman ~ listening to an email ~ seeing her new dog

silent house asleep ~ glowing eyes with tail held low ~ shooing away ghosts

all ferrets sleeping ~ cherubs, who could have never ~ destroyed the whole house...

she looks at her face ~ in a charcoal drawing hung ~ next to the mirror

single snowflake drops ~ extinguishing the candle ~ pumpkin stops smiling

from a great distance ~ snow falling on breaking waves ~ blending with seagulls

tiny meteor ~ crashes through NASA's window ~ note: "take that" - the moon

woman with black eye ~ tells the waiting room proudly ~ that she was beat up

the symphony starts ~ the first crescendo of rain ~ sounding on the grass

from the trunks of trees ~ moss watching the floating leaves -- ~ deep green with envy

reading people's tweets ~ like picking out a new life ~ from a catalog

faraway sirens ~ the neighborhood dogs howling -- ~ then silence wakes me

homeless, babbling ~ hassling passers-by, staggers ~ daring them to care


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