Tuesday, October 6, 2009

haiku (archived 2009-10-06)


I keep waiting
for her pain to be gone
but it is never gone
because the pain is me
and I am always here


funeral of leaves ~ falling, beautiful corpses ~ painted faces smile

chill-damp twilight fog ~ ghosts of fallen leaves rising, ~ downed by midnight winds

with my pocket knife ~ I cut a haiku open ~ and shook the words out

near a quiet lake, ~ a lonesome monk plays his flute... ~ the loons cry with him 

in our mind's eye ~ fragile snapshots of memories, - blurred by forgetting

Bashō's twitter stream ~ uploads picture to yFrog... ~ comes up 404 #BashingBashōhaiku

doomsday calendar ~ what if Mayans just got bored ~ stopped at 2012?

this sweet, sweet morning ~ I felt so romantical ~ all the roses blushed #makeupaword

past summer nights ~ hearing millions of crickets ~ seeing none of them

the missus asleep, ~ sneak out with wine and french bread... ~ affair with the birds

spending my whole life ~ accepting impermanence ~ to die in one day

so disapproving, ~ watching them enjoy their lives ~ like we used to do...

hot air balloons rise ~ flames lift flimsy plastic bags... ~ those crazy bastards

the heart in my chest ~ ignored, abused, and broken -- ~ suddenly attacks!

overhead, while I drive ~ I watch the clouds follow me ~ I stop, they head west http://twitpic.com/k5nqr

deep into twilight ~ sitting in a grape juice sky ~ vanilla moonpie

hidden by the sun... ~ but tonight, behind the clouds ~ she's naked with stars

honey-toast sunrise... ~ iridelicious skysweet ~ solar breakfast time #makeupaword 

mass ascention ~ balloons, the rising faithful ~ touch His holy chin

Bashō by old pond ~ frog hops up, gives him a kiss ~ "Wrong story, frog.." ptuey! #BashingBashōhaiku

dirty glass, it is ~ specks and smears, day-old water ~ still half full, waiting...

to be the worst horse ~ broken, beaten - and carry ~ buddha's compassion

our body and mind ~ that we die and do not die ~ not one, and not two

in total darkness ~ he paints with perfect brush strokes ~ undreamt dreams of her

• faraway sirens ~ the neighborhood dogs howling -- ~ then sudden silence

old woman's wheelchair ~ rusted fan in the window ~ neither one turning

• homeless, babbling ~ hassling passers-by, staggers ~ dares them to notice

the coming winter ~ the sound of new-falling snow ~ in leaves crinkling...

his worn, broken heart ~ too frail for midnight kisses - ~ beating just the same...

lost in memories, ~ behind those beautiful eyes ~ she is somewhen else

just before the dawn ~ the stars cease their shimmering ~ so the night can sleep

a black shape moving ~ in the corner of my eye ~ dog I used to have

the battery chirps ~ but I do not plug it in ~ waiting for last rites

upload love sequence: ~ sparked motherboard triggered by ~ acrylic key taps


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  1. Well, these are very fine. "She is somewhen else," very fine indeed. I hope you'll follow me as I've been following you. Peace and all good,