Saturday, September 26, 2009

At The Zoo (written 2009-09-26)


• wrinkled dusty eyes ~ giant legs chained to the ground ~ statues eating hay

in too small jungles ~ cheetahs pace along the fence, ~ eyes closed, sleepwalking...

an eagle dreaming ~ trapped behind chain-link fences ~ flight feathers twitching

like lifeless paintings, ~ motionless reptiles freeze... ~ children tap on glass

the fence divides them ~ giraffes stretch their neck and tongues ~ eat each other's trees

penguins in plastic ~ glide in circular oceans ~ one way, then the next... 

forlorn pack of wolves ~ sleeping out in the open ~ flies buzz 'round their heads

across cement floors ~ chipmunks scurry past lions, ~ unafraid of them

chimpanzee and boy ~ with plexiglass in between ~ trying to touch hands

begging grizzly bears, ~ having forgotten salmon, ~ prefer stale donuts

with wing feathers cut ~ conures, banded with numbers ~ screaming with boredom

ancient tortoises ~ hiding from indignity ~ blend in with the rocks

gates locked, stars above ~ all the captured innocents ~ dream with uncaged souls


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