Sunday, September 6, 2009

haiku (archived 2009-09-06)


front paws down, tongues out ~ canine jesters for no one ~ kings of the dog park
the falling of rain.. ~ droplets becoming prisms ~ crash-diving in mud

towels on the clothesline ~ colorful banners streaming ~ announcing the day

night shift moon waiting ~ sunrise yawning and stretching ~ day shift birds punch in

noisy birds flitting ~ impatiently, branch to branch ~ feeder hangs empty

in the dark he reads ~ a book that only he knows ~ mind turning pages

french quarter street lamp ~ old man plays a beat-up sax ~ "da notes, dey jess shiine.."

only those knights armed ~ with soft words and open hands ~ slay angry dragons

hummingbird darting ~ sees his mirrored reflection ~ a heartbeat too late

a small tree, stunted, ~ sun-scorched; pale green buds hoping ~ for the sweat of clouds

trajectory off ~ staring carcass, plumage singed ~ grid loses power

at the zoo, first date ~ holding her for the first time ~ animals cheering

standing in your heart, ~ I step in the hole he left ~ ...feel myself falling

the reeds long decayed, ~ saxophones in museums.. ~ John Coltrane lives on

they're searching for peace ~ using bombs, as if buried ~ underneath rubble...

unnoticed, struggling ~ a writhing ant slowly dies... ~ thoughtlessly placed steps

monk facing the wall ~ body practicing zazen ~ while his mind dances...

so suspiciously, ~ questioning all the answers... ~ never the questions

a forgotten book ~ yellowed, in a box waiting ~ laptop recharges

frayed wires touching ~ positive to negative ~ tripping love's breaker

very hard to tell.. ~ either crickets or the music ~ are off their rhythm

((A + B) * 2) ~ * 10³ ~ solution: quit math

solar flare kicks up ~ rise and decay of the sun ~ dying giant spits

I'm not the first one ~ to have this difficulty, ~ just first time this life

angry, desperate ~ proud and ashamed ~ withdrawing, reaching...

just like evening stars... ~ all the same, all different ~ voices of crickets

in the daylight sky ~ invisible stars shimmer ~ behind the cloudbanks

black and white jumping ~ two old men playing checkers ~ two kids twirling rope

beautiful bare feet ~ pretty lady with a cane ~ wears pain on her face

zen is very much ~ like noticing the slash mark ~ in between two/words

thoughtless wind frees them ~ twirling ghosts pass ancient eyes ~ he and leaves are one

and if I wouldn't die ~ would I still sit near the sun ~ like I dare today?

each tweet, a ripple ~ butterflies above the pond ~ causing hurricanes

traffic lights changing ~ the wind swings them back and forth ~ flipping plastic cups

each of us living ~ intrepid and cowardly ~ like fat men dancing

the cracks in my heart ~ repaired by time's arteries ~ drop, by drop, by drop..

never expecting ~ changes in your stagnant life ~ does not hinder them

sleeping through my life ~ warm and safe, caught up in dreams ~ God yanks the covers

lights, slow sensor beeps ~ the room clock synchronizes ~ with my traitor heart

singed fur, lifeless eyes ~ subhuman evil giggles ~ tiny voices mewl

seventh-story glass ~ stares out for a hundred miles ~ and whispers to stars

squealing rubber burns ~ subwoofers rattle windows ~ drowned-out crickets sing

without a pink slip ~ mountainous old-growth forest ~ is given the axe

just one little me ~ looking at the world so big, ~ wondering so wide.. 

after the rain stops ~ trees blow-dry their soaking leaves ~ with solar power

human saline drips ~ in the cracks between the keys ~ circuit board encroached

whirring, clicking buzz ~ electromechanical ~ lights blink "One Free Play"

phone to satellite ~ thousand mile round trip to say ~ "hold on a minute..."

who needed it more? ~ the starlet with sultry eyes ~ or dead chinchillas..

"made in His image" ~ photoshopped, resized and cropped ~ malformed artifacts

our purpose in life ~ taken so seriously ~ God's television


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