Thursday, September 24, 2009

haiku (archived 2009-09-24)


rosebloom theater ~ taking one last curtain call ~ outside my window

origami swan ~ pristine folds faded yellow ~ love note sits inside...

painter, so intense ~ thinking colors, brushes, light.. ~ vase got up and left 

no wings in heaven ~ when asking for mine, God said ~ "Believe you can fly..."

twitter haiku stream ~ a three shift assembly line ~ I feel like Lucy

framed by leaveless trees ~ mountainside falls stop white-blue ~ winter bites the gorge

a painting of fall ~ bound with paper on the floor ~ a rat gnaws the string

ripped them up, she did ~ poems my heart bled in pencil ~ thirty long years gone

fall takes a deep breath ~ holds it till noon, then exhales ~ warming its cold hands

• down in dark basements ~ the furnace dragons hiss ~ breathing small blue flames

roasting marshmallows ~ hungry kid with no patience ~ sugar flames on sticks

• no wisdom in this... ~ stiff back, knee pain, and the mind ~ a rusted steel trap /

• empty-lot jungles ~ the weeds disturbed by movement ~ wind stalking its prey

• through diesel horn blasts, ~ and cars linking on steel tracks ~ bums sleep like the dead

my proud young lion, ~ I know you're tired from hunting - ~ come dream in my lap...

overbloomed roses, ~ their pink petals edged in brown ~ matching the foxtail

how she sees herself ~ as His cricket, one last song ~ before the winter (to @HIScricket )

to pray upon hope, ~ to prey upon hopelessness ~ two different Korans

I care not for stars... ~ infinite space between them, ~ hidden by daylight

radiant diamond ~ faceted glint of promise ~ blinding clarity

• the furious moon... ~ sweeping oceans side to side, ~ blotting out the sun

in the race for krill ~ gliding underneath ice floes ~ penguins drubbed the seals

frog hops out of pond ~ eats Bashō's lunch, Bashō mad - writes "to hell with frogs." // #BashingBashōhaiku

wife on vacation ~ Bashō sits in jacuzzi ~ blond girl jumps in - SPLASH! ;) // #BashingBashōhaiku

Bashō drinking wine ~ can't find pond, passes out cold ~ raccoon steals sandals // #BashingBashōhaiku

quiet ancient pond ~ no frogs yet, just small tadpoles ~ Bashō twiddles thumbs... // #BashingBashōhaiku

at the ancient pond ~ young frog dives, hits a rock - SPLAT! ~ Bashō shakes his head... // #BashingBashōhaiku

@NotOneNotTwo smirks... ~ but sneaking up behind him - ~ Bashō holding club. // #BashingBashōhaiku


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