Thursday, September 10, 2009

haiku (archived 2009-09-10)


a mouse in shadows ~ hiding from a nescient world ~ wide-eyed soul trembling..

on dirty sidewalks ~ awkward pigeons take to flight ~ startled into grace

spread out on clotheslines ~ split-tail wooden birds perching ~ swaying with the breeze

sometimes late at night ~ I doze off watching TV... ~ then it watches me

in silent shallows, ~ underneath swirling currents ~ oysters hide their pearls

my soul, rain snow streams ~ streams into rivers, rivers ~ to the sea of you (inspired by @urbancrafter)

the moon holds the light ~ while the sun sneaks off to flirt... ~ twinkling stars giggle

gargoyles of strong words ~ crouched fiercely on my shoulders ~ guarding my silence

you have it, don't you? ~ the tail of my kite-shaped heart ~ infatuation

pencil upside-down ~ endlessly erasing lines ~ between you and I

wheelchairs, canes, wrinkles ~ enclosed in their exhibits ~ unliving in zoos

eggs wait, late for work ~ expensive TV too loud ~ reading about monks...

mysteriously ~ bees disappearing worldwide ~ no bonnets missing..

his heart and a rose ~ fell from his hand, bewildered ~ watching them kissing..

kings in palaces, ~ beggars, drinking the same tea ~ from different cups


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  1. Ah! So here you are with your own archived haiku and senryu! :) I am glad that I have visited this place.

    I enjoyed this one a lot:

    sometimes late at night
    I doze off watching TV...
    then it watches me

    Made my day. I needed a good laugh despite this cold I have! :)