Friday, September 18, 2009

haiku (archived 2009-09-18)


afraid of the dark ~ little girl asleep, the moon ~ holding her night light

pads sore, mistreated ~ thirsty and tired, dodging cars ~ tags jingling freedom

black morphs into blue ~ gradients of clouds appear ~ night fades into sky

heartfelt, lovesick poems ~ once sent by perfumed letters ~ now love at first tweet

love is a specter ~ a penny floating in air ~ always there... always (r.i.p. Patrick Swayze)

cataract windows ~ paint cracking, screen door askew ~ roof crying with rain
green breaking away ~ white snubs red, black cheats on blue ~ rainbow's falling out..

• only rules in life... ~ experience everything ~ change without harming 

sitting by the pond ~ Bashō falls sound asleep - Splash! ~ all frogs heard laughing

old pond, frog jumps in ~ Bashō, suddenly inspired.. ~ Splash! drops his pencil

near the ancient pond ~ drinking his sake - "Bashō!" ~ wife calling loudly

to be or not to ~ Shakespeare never considered ~ there might be choice three

"where were you that day?" ~ "it don't matter, my brother ~ all of us were there..." (for 911)

on dirty sidewalks ~ awkward pigeons take to flight ~ startled into grace

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  1. Dear One,

    These are lovely. I feel as though I have been on an artist's retreat. Thank you for the Blog and for these. Peace and all good things for you in writing and in life.